Friday, March 24, 2023


Doug LaFollette represents the worst in Wisconsin politics

Doug LaFollette, the now-former Secretary of State in Wisconsin, should be widely regarded as one of the worst and most useless politicians in the state's history, if not the...

GOVERNOR QUID PRO QUO: Did Gov. Tony Evers Appoint Sarah Godlewski as Payback for Quitting Senate Race?

I know Secretary of State is basically a symbolic position in Wisconsin, but it is one that is elected by the people, not an Evers Cabinet position.

Conservative Milwaukee County Voting Guide for the April 4 Spring Primary

Milwaukee County Voting GuideState Supreme Court: Daniel Kelly Milwaukee Court of Appeals: William Brash (Walker Appointee, Conservative) Referendum Questions Guide: State...

The Patience to Play the Long Game

Bold statement, if you think that Donald Trump is the savior of the country and that in 2024,...

Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty Responds to Janet Protasiewicz false ads on Daniel Kelly

Here are the facts:   Janet Protasiewicz released a false ad attacking her conservative opponent, Justice Daniel Kelly for his...

The “Non-Partisan’ Myth of School Board Elections

It seems that we have reached the point in our community in which liberals have taken the position that election activities should no longer...

Untangling the hyperbolic LIE that Dan Kelly is Somehow ‘anti-woman’

Unsurprisingly, the Left IMMEDIATELY turned to their 'tried-and-true' method of campaigning. Every Protasiewicz ad on TV or on the radio has been desperately trying to paint the blatantly FALSE narrative that Dan Kelly is somehow anti-woman because of blah blah blah abortion rhetoric blah. NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH.

Racine County GOP, Under the Rule of Robin Vos, is a Den of Entitlement, Free Thinkers Need Not Apply

For someone who is supposed to protect and defend the Constitution, Robin Vos sure seems to be ripping it to shreds when it comes to the Racine County GOP. This is the people's party, not Robin Vos' personal Royal Court.

Delays at RPW Cause Waukesha County Republican Party to Reschedule Caucus

Much to the chagrin of those who oppose Terry Dittrich, this was NOT a Waukesha issue, the issue was a technicality based on RPW dragging it's feet. On January 27th (with weeks to spare) the Republican Party of Waukesha County submitted a new Constitution to the RPW Constitution Committee. Plenty of time to approve five pages, right?

Let’s go Brandon! In Epic Fashion, Brandon Maly Becomes New Chair of the Republican Party of Dane county

It may be cold in Wisconsin these days, but things are clearly warming up in Dane county because they are fired up. In a cataclysmic rebuke of the failing leadership of the Dane county Republicans (RPDC), the 'old guard, establishment leaders have been shown the door.

Will Milwaukee GOP Sacrifice the State to Protect the Inflated Ego of David Karst?

We have a major election for the very balance of the State Supreme Court in a few short weeks. Dan Kelly is our candidate and it is a must-win or lose-everything situation. Getting 31% again in Milwaukee County all but guarantees a Liberal Supreme Court going forward. Is David Karst's ego worth losing EVERYTHING we have fought for over the past two decades or longer?