Thursday, September 29, 2022


Where does this all end?

Have you ever stopped for a minute, cleared your mind of all that is going on, focused on the here and now and asked the question where is this...

In an Act of Defiant Cowardice, the Radical Wauwatosa School Board Doubled-Down on Radical Grooming Agenda

Tonight, the Extremist radical Wauwatosa School Board doubled-down on the recently 'approved' hyper-sexualized 'grooming' program for Tosa students...

EXCLUSIVE: Most of the Leadership Team for Adam Steen’s Write-in Campaign Quits. Is it Time to End the Effort?

Personally, I think Adam Steen is a nice guy and I’m glad he put himself out there. It’s not easy to take on an incumbent in a primary and to get so close. Steen gave it a valiant effort in the primary but ultimately came up short. Robin Vos won, be it barely, but he did win. It’s over! I cannot support Adam Steen’s write-in effort.

EXCLUSIVE: After Web of Lies and DATA MANIPULATION, Calls for Rogue Wauwatosa School Board to Rescind EXTREME Sex Ed

Yes, Wauwatosa School Board President, 'Dr.' Eric Jessup-Anger, 'Ph.D.', and his merry band of left-wing extremist Social Justice Warriors, including extremist School Superintendent Demond Means, literally LIED to Wauwatosa that it was what parents wanted. The survey data was public for several days and showed that Wauwatosa was largely AGAINST the program.

Isn’t That Special

Contrast Lincoln’s unifying words with Biden’s words of division, even hate, with a blood red backdrop in his recent nationwide speech.  There is no greater contrast between someone who speaks unity and someone who speaks hate and division.  Biden said we Republicans are neo-fascists threatening the very existence of the Constitution.

Who would have thought it would go so bad so quickly…? everyone, literally everyone.

Wisconsin needs to take a page from Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin’s playbook and mobilize and weaponize the suburban moms that are concerned with their children’s future. Generally, those mothers are more concerned with the education of their children, the quality of food that is being consumed by their families and the cost of that food.

Forget the gas tax.  Let’s repeal the income tax in Wisconsin 

With the Wisconsin gubernatorial race currently underway, there are a plethora of issues on people's minds.  Critical race theory, school choice, inflation, gas prices, election...

Double standards, mask mandates and manipulation, all because ‘orange man’ bad

'Never let a good crisis go to waste.' - Rahm Immanuel For months now, Americans have been suffering under many restrictive lockdown policies across the...

Unemployment down, jobs up and the Democrats panic

Did you hear the latest collective Democrat gasp? It has to do with the latest jobs numbers. While we are not out of the woods...

No, Obama was not responsible for Trump’s booming economy

As our booming economy has come to a screeching halt due to the Chinese Covid-19 Virus, I cannot help but notice that former President...

The Left, Taxes, and the Failure of ‘Good Intentions’

Ever since Nancy Pelosi gained control the House of representatives, she has spared no time in forcing her left wing agenda on the American...