Sunday, December 4, 2022


Dan Kelly Going Negative Promptly Makes Jennifer Dorow the Frontrunner

For the first time in many years, we officially have the rare situation where two Judicial Conservatives are running for an open Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, in...

Lame Duck Session and An Even Lamer Season Upcoming

Doom and gloom have never really been something I was into. On my show, the commitment I made to the audience was to be my true authentic self, never spin tall tales and always tell things as I see them. The holiday seasons are upon us now and this season is typically the season of hope. Obama ran on a platform of hope and change and after 8 years all we had left was the hope that we would have some change left. At the tail end of the Trump administration, the government started printing and spending money, we didn’t have on things we didn’t need. The Biden administration continued these disastrous policies and now we find ourselves in very tough economic times.

AUDIO: Tim Michels Had a Candid Conversation on the Jay Weber Show Today

Governor Candidate Tim Michels spent an hour on the Jay Weber Show on Newstalk 1130 WISN Radio. He...

United We, the Conservative Stand, Divided We fall. 

I sat back for a few days after the election and watched vultures circulate salivating over the election...

Score! We Have a Republican Treasurer 

So how do we interpret this win? The answer is simple. John Leiber ran the Republican message against the Democrat message and the Republican message won. The Treasurer’s race proved that Wisconsinites trust Republicans more than Democrats with their money. Wisconsin elected a Treasurer who is an unapologetic fiscal Conservative.

It’s the Economy Stupid…Unless you’re Murdered, then it isn’t…

The bottom line is that for an immediate impact on our streets and communities' crime and prosecuting of criminals need to be paramount on the candidates' list of priorities. The economy will not fix itself and will need some bold actions to say NO to more wasteful spending and eliminate programs that are nothing more than political pet projects sucking the lifeblood out of our economy.