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Brittney Mahomes Server Said She Was Rude and Didn’t Tip The Hotel Staff


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O’Connor – who claimed to have worked at the hotel as a “server, barista, bartender” and more – alleged in a social media video from November 2023 that the interaction happened when Brittany was in town to shop for her wedding dress for her 2022 wedding to the NFL star.

“My first interaction with her, she ran up over a $100 tab. She was with her whole posse — Patrick was not there — but I believe their tab was well over $100, maybe $130,” she recalled of the alleged incident.

Is It bad not to tip?

It is not necessarily bad, but it is considered rude or inconsiderate in many cultures and industries. Tipping is often expected as a form of appreciation for good service and is a significant source of income for many service workers.

Not tipping can be seen as disrespectful or cheap. However, it is ultimately a personal choice and may depend on factors such as the quality of service received and one’s own financial situation.

Lack of understanding: Some people may not be aware of the custom of tipping or may not know how much to tip in different situations.

Financial constraints: Some individuals may not have enough money to leave a tip or may be on a tight budget.

Cultural differences: Tipping customs vary across different cultures, and some people may come from countries where tipping is not expected.

Dissatisfaction with service: If someone is not satisfied with the service they received, they may choose not to leave a tip. Belief that it’s not their responsibility: Some people may believe that it is the employer’s responsibility to pay their employees a fair wage and may not feel obligated to leave a tip.

Personal principles: Some individuals may have personal principles against tipping, such as not wanting to encourage a culture of inequality or feeling that it goes against their values.

Forgetfulness: In some cases, people may simply forget to leave a tip, especially if they are in a rush or paying with a credit card.

Cultural norms: In some countries or regions, tipping may not be a common practice, and people may not be used to leaving tips. Bad experiences with tipping: Some people may have had negative experiences with tipping in the past, such as being pressured to leave a large tip or being treated poorly for not tipping enough.

Personal beliefs about tipping: Some individuals may have personal beliefs or opinions about tipping, such as feeling that it is unnecessary or unfair.


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