Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bob Donovan: Governor Evers—Order Flags Lowered To Honor The Passing Of Milwaukee Officer Peter Jerving


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By Assemblyman Bob Donovan

In my opinion, American flags should be lowered upon all on duty deaths until the fallen hero is buried—if it takes writing new legislation to ensure that is done in the future I will make sure it is accomplished.

I was asked, today, to sign onto a letter coming from several of my Republican colleagues demanding Governor Evers order American flags to half staff following the heinous murder of a Milwaukee police officer—why this order has not already been given by the governor is beyond comprehension!

I am further told this is the third officer killed in the line of duty during his tenure as governor in which he has failed to order flags lowered—shame on you Governor Evers for playing politics with the lives of our officers!

Just recently, Governor Evers ordered flags lowered for the murder of a Milwaukee mail carrier—but no such order for a cop, Governor?

Is it not “politically correct” for you, Governor, to recognize and respect our brave men and women in law enforcement when they pay the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty?!

It is so pathetic it’s beyond words—Governor Ever’s failure to order flags lowered is an insult to the memory of this brave Milwaukee police officer, his grieving family, and friends and colleagues throughout the state!

Order flags lowered, Governor Evers—show some respect for the sacrifice Officer Jerving made in protecting Wisconsin residents!


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