Monday, February 6, 2023

Matt Sama


I adamantly opposed Tim Michels and Eric Toney in the primary, but they earned my vote onTuesday

Here we are, less than 24 hours from election day and the people of Wisconsin have a huge decision to make. Back in August, the people had their chance to flex their conservative muscles and chose Tim Michels for governor and Eric Toney for Attorney General. Neither of those candidates was my first choice for governor and AG, but we must rally behind both in unison if we are to have a chance at defeating Tony Evers and Josh Kaul on Tuesday. That said, to this day, while I still have my reservations about both Michels and Toney, I’m willing to give them a chance to govern. 

Forget the gas tax.  Let’s repeal the income tax in Wisconsin 

With the Wisconsin gubernatorial race currently underway, there are a plethora of issues on people's minds.  Critical race theory, school choice, inflation, gas prices, election...