Sunday, September 25, 2022

Ian C. Jordan

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Win or Lose Tim changed the optics of the party

I’m on 32nd and Morgan and the black dude has a Tim Michels sign. Tim is transcending for being Tim , that goes beyond...

Adrian Broner v Floyd Mayweather

Broner has also said that Floyd Mayweather doesn’t want to see him with that kind of money. People have forecasted that an exhibition between Broner and Mayweather could exceed $100 million apiece.

Power is the same alcohol, it gets you drunk.

They have no integrity. I went after half truths and people went after me personally. You then have idiots who say they are conservatives...

Forget the popularity contest, support who will win!

Think about it. The Left is mad regarding Roe v Wade , but you still can get an abortion if you choose to have...

The Left’s attack on guns is masking bigger issues

As gun rights are still legal, our nation grows further divided. As the rise of leftist extremists wanting a ban on firearms is in...