Monday, February 6, 2023

Chrissi Illgen


Score! We Have a Republican Treasurer 

So how do we interpret this win? The answer is simple. John Leiber ran the Republican message against the Democrat message and the Republican message won. The Treasurer’s race proved that Wisconsinites trust Republicans more than Democrats with their money. Wisconsin elected a Treasurer who is an unapologetic fiscal Conservative.

Shellie Benish Deserves Your Attention – All Local Candidates Do, Too!

Rarely, local candidates are given the attention they deserve. Enormous commitment and fortitude are prerequisites to running for local office, especially for Republicans, campaigning...

Distress Calls from Martha’s Vineyard

Absolutely nothing rivals the hilarity of the comments following the articles in the Martha’s Vineyard Gazette in response to Governor DeSantis’ gift of migrants from the...