Sunday, July 14, 2024

A State Representative tells me Why Meagan Wolfe Should Be Impeached and Adrianne Melby attacks Robin Vos for no Reason


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I talked to a guy in Madison who I consider a friend about this Tony Evers, Robin Vos,and Meagan Wolfe thing. But I got involved because not my friend Adrianne Melby posted something silly.

I’m in the process of changing things at NewsUndone to work with law makers to get laws passed that protect our children and really make a historic mark.

Some people are agents of chaos. Anything that Robin Vos is associated with she literally just says the opposite.

The reason it’s irritating is because Fox 6 is actually making some noise about the Tony Evers secret Email story and she called it TMZ style reporting. There is only one problem, Gov Evers actually started not talking about it.

Just wanted to add that, it’s sad how people that are not conservative seem to speak the loudest for the group.

Anyway, here is my answer on why Meagan Wolfe should be impeached from a state representatives perspective:

Confidentially (I’m not talking about my position publicly though I’ve voiced it in caucus).

I see no harm in impeaching her and some minor gains.

It isn’t high profile, like say a an impeachment of a Supreme Court Justice would be, so it will only be particularly noted by political junkies. And they are pretty much hard Republicans and hard Democrats, not independents/moderates.

So I don’t think we lose the middle vote by removing her.


1) she definitely was involved in encouraging the law to be broken through her advice and communications, so it is the right thing for her to be done

2) it will make some of our base, who are demanding it, happy

3) it might just put the fear of God into Justice Janet and company so they are reasonable in some of their future decisions as they will see we are willing to actually impeach someone

I actually see it from both sides, I just wish we could be on the same side.


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