Friday, September 29, 2023

When Tony Evers Wins: Dark Times Ahead

(THROWBACK) Throwback I don’t have to go into Tony Evers not really creating a budget that will help ease the text burden of Wisconsinites. I don’t...

Why I Support Tim Michels (ThrowBack )

ThrowBack Read For years we have had no voice. You have the right wing like an exclusive club for white people. You have ignorant ass...

The trouble with where we find ourselves

If you think that with a Conservative Republican win in 2024 that all will be well, and we will be on the “right track”...

Paris Procopis and the Future of News Undone

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023 we lost NewsUndone founder and editor, Paris Procopis. We lost a great friend, a conservative icon, a confidante, a...

Wildfires Declining Worldwide

Wildfires are on the decline worldwide according to NASA. Contrary to reports they are increasing and are caused by climate change. The deadliest and most land burned in...

BREAKING: Mark Belling reporting Agreement for School Choice Expansion in Wisconsin

In a huge victory for the expansion of School Choice in Wisconsin and a HISTORIC VICTORY FOR CONSERVATIVES, Mark Belling is reporting that a...

Uninspired and WOKE: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Disney’s ‘The Little Mermaid’

Nowadays, there are no depths that Disney won't sink to in their obsessive pursuit of WOKE ideology and profit over artistic creativity and originality. We have seen this play out over the past several years in movies like the continuation of the Star Wars Saga and on their Disney+ streaming platform. Nothing makes this more evident than the live-action copies of some of their biggest animated classics. 

Let the Hyperbole Fly and the Kool-Aid flow as the Real GOP Primary Battle Begins

Spirited primary battles are normal, and some years are worse than others. Anyone who complains simply does not understand good old-fashioned American political history. Quite simply, it comes with the territory; especially when Trump is involved.

“The system was never designed for their kids.”

Graduation season is currently upon us, and it is amazing to look online and see people in different towns and cities posting pictures of...

Senator Tammy Baldwin is Vulnerable if She Actually Runs in 2024

Recently, I wrote about Sarah Godlewski being much more visible since Governor Tony Evers appointed her to assume the Wisconsin Secretary of State role after Doug LaFollette ‘suddenly’ resigned. I discussed the possibility that she was preparing to run for Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Senate seat in 2024. Since then, Baldwin has declared that she is indeed running for re-election. While I still do not buy it, let’s assume she is running. This time around, she will be more much vulnerable than ever before.
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Don’t ask WHY they lost… ask WHEN

The post-mortems on statewide elections in Wisconsin continue to pile up. Some are better than others, but all seem to think that...

Boomers, Inflation, and Decline

We are near $1 trillion of interest on the debt. That’s only interest, excluding social security, Medicare, domestic and defense spending. The...



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